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I didn't write the feature about me below this note, but it's probably better than anything I could and would have. I hope you learn about me, enjoy my art and what I make available to you. Other than my children, & family, arts & education is my passion and why I teach today. Yes, I very well could go start another multimillion dollar printing company, but my quality of life is far superior for me, as an educator. 

Thank you for your support through the several iterations of this life I have lived in over the past few decades. 

keep going,


Zachary Traxler was an Ohio-based entrepreneur who specialized in the printing industry, with his family history rooted in small business ownership for over 40 years. In 2010, Zachary launched Traxler Printing (originally founded as Traxler Tees LLC), starting the venture from the basement of his old apartment. Over the course of ten years, it transformed from a modest beginning to a sprawling 55,000-square-foot manufacturing and 3PL facility in Columbus.

Traxler Printing had become a comprehensive service provider, offering printing, specialty printing, branding, design, eCommerce, fulfillment, and a distinctive on-demand eCommerce partnership with Shopify®. Their capabilities included same-day turnaround for a single shirt or thousands of garments, all at the right price.

Employing over 35 diverse individuals from Ohio, including students from local colleges like OSU and CCAD, as well as adults with disabilities, Traxler Printing aimed to support the state's economy by sourcing equipment, labor, supplies, and blank goods exclusively from other Ohio-based businesses.

Zachary was an active member of social media, and Traxler Printing experienced remarkable growth from $40,000 in revenue in 2010 (September-December) to generating multimillions annually before closing in late 2020. This impressive achievement was accomplished solely through organic marketing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with a $0 ad spend. Notably, Zachary was invited to join the Facebook Small Business Council in 2018, recognizing his success in leveraging social media for business growth.

Throughout the years, Zachary received numerous honors, including Columbus Alive!'s People to Watch, Hot Times Hero Award, Business First's Forty under 40, and the BBB Spark Award. In 2018, he became a Founding Board Member of Small Biz Cares and a Founding Member of the inaugural Gildan Board of Directors.

In late 2018, Zachary expanded his entrepreneurial reach by acquiring Brüzer (Brüzer USA under his ownership), a Canadian-based high-end knitwear NCAA® brand, which he subsequently relocated to the United States.

Through his work at Traxler Printing, Zachary supported influencers, athletes, and small businesses in launching their brands. Some of the notable collaborations included Zeke Elliot, Braxton Miller, Michael Thomas, 8 Bit Apparel®, Surf Ohio®, LocalLiberation™, Where I'm From™, Mysterioso, and more. Additionally, Zachary actively participated in managing numerous viral apparel campaigns that collectively raised tens of thousands of dollars for local charities.

As of the latest update, Zachary Traxler is consulting businesses when he is not teaching Visual Communications and Printing at Fort Hayes Career Center in Columbus, Ohio. The story of Traxler Printing reflects the dynamic journey of an entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on the printing industry, social media marketing, and community engagement.


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